Carlos Aponte

A line is transformed in the hands of Carlos Aponte.

With a curve of his pen he expresses the intimate gestures that define our relationships, an arm draped over a shoulder, a hand on the head of a dog. He shows the gentle lines of kindness in a face, and the happiness of shared spaces. In his hands the back seat of the car conveys all the comforts of traveling with friends, while having a window on the passing world. His landscapes are the familiar shared landscapes of living rooms, backseats, markets, city walks and messy desks.

We found Carlos on a wall at the Shoppe Object design fair. He was the ‘2018 Artist in Residence’ and his paper landscape of friends, lovers and familiar places, stopped us in our tracks.

His work sits in that interesting convergence of art for its own sake, and for its communication of feeling.

We feel privileged to be working with him and happy to be part of his ever-changing landscape.