Hopefully Yours

As I look through our first twenty cards of this new year, I’ve noticed that they're surprisingly optimistic. It’s a vibrant collection that sets its sights on a happier year.

From Carlos Aponte’s powerful Wondergirl, to Hutch Cassidy’s quizzical cake wearing bear, the palette is vibrant with brilliant pinks, orange, yellows and blue. They shake the dust off from the year before and step boldly into 2021.

I think when we were choosing, we must have felt hopeful for the coming year and we still do.

Our artists have paid tribute to difficult times with Poet and Painter’s beautiful “Be Gentle on Yourself” teacup and Carlo’s Aponte’s wistful Zoom birthday party.

The beautiful watercolours of Abigail Jane ask us to take a moment to think and to remember, but the party lion from Hutch Cassidy reminds us that there is much to celebrate each day.

This month we introduce a new artist: Pen+Pillar’s playful watercolours tell us we are awesome and foxy and remind us that we are tougher than we think.

We hope you enjoy our first collection of cards of the year. We introduce them to the world with hope.



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