Tine's World

I fell in love with Tine’s illustrations when I met her happy bagel, hands on hips, asking me to visit Montréal. He was on a postcard in a small store in the Plateau. I bought it and a few others - all by an illustrator I’d never heard of but yet seemed so familiar with.

The simplicity of Tine’s art in these postcards reminded me of travel posters from the 60’s, and also of the charming illustrations by Quentin Blake.  

Her website confirmed this feeling of mine as I scrolled through her illustrations and GIFs showing family life. I was delighted with the child pummelling his mother’s squishy behind or the nanny with laser beam eyes exterminating her charges. 

In this age when childhood and parenting have been reduced to an Instagram parody, her drawings confirm to us that there is happiness in the chaos of family life.

In Tine’s world, a chuckling grandmother scares a gaggle of kids with an inchworm, a father helps his daughter to skate by tethering her with his scarf, and a birthday cake is lovingly delivered by a multi-tasking cyclist. At a school fete, chaos abounds, but all one little boy can see is his uber-cool sister, who expertly blows bubblegum bubbles and leads him through the fray.

Tine’s world is our world, a little untidy, often frustrating, but mostly a happy maelstrom. At least Tine’s world is my world and that’s why I’m so happy she’s working with us here at Halfpenny Postage.



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